Lizah van der Aart – Science Artist

Art Portfolios

All of my work is digital, making it very easy to use in any type of media – online or in print. Have a look through my portfolio to get some ideas for your project. 

I design Graphical Abstracts, Journal Covers and editorial illustrations. Find more information here. 

Micro-organisms are normally invisible creatures, which can make it difficult to understand them. Visualising these organisms in understandable and playful ways can increase the general understanding of science – and isn’t it really cute! Check out my popular science art here!

We all love to show off our favourite model organisms. While you have to leave your bacteria in the lab – you can wear these guys! Have a look at my designs of Microbiology Enamel Pins!

Are you looking to spice up your social media, website or simply for a nice surprise? Have a look at my portraits of scientists!

There is more to life than science, have a look at my fantasy art here!

If you are considering to use science art in an outreach project but don’t know how yet – contact me! I have experience with science communication and social media heavy project like iGEM. I am available for both one-off commissions and for long-term collaborations.