What do a corkscrew and a bacteria have in common?

Ben at the Life Science Centre asked me: “Can you talk about your work on the Evolution of Bacterial Cell Shape to Children in about 5 minutes?”

I don’t know… CAN I?

The Life Science Centre at Newcastle would not give me this job without any help. Before the lockdown they had an amazing workshop in the museum about engaging (and entertaining) and audience while talking about science. One of the tips I liked most is to use props. Normally when I talk science I either have a powerpoint or nothing at all. But both in a museum and in this setting at home there is room to use props to give your story a visual element and to make it more understandable – especially for a younger audience.

I am very grateful to the Life Science Centre for another chance to work with them! Find the happy result below:

Meet the Scientist! Lizah talks about the Evolution of Bacterial Cell Shape

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