Wash your hands!

At the start of the coronacrisis, I hoped to contribute to science communication in a positive way. I made a set of posters to explain good practice in order to prevent spread of the virus. I tried to make these posters as accessible as possible, especially keeping children in mind. Children generally understand things well, as long as we try to explain it. Feel free to use these images wherever you want.

The process of making these posters is perhaps a bit weird. Most of all I am asked how long the illustrations take to make, but those are really simple and quickly drawn. Instead, I spend most of my time considering the message I want to convey. I try to keep the message as small as possible, something like ’10 facts about Covid-19′ does not fit this format. Then once I have the message, I try to make the text as concise as possible. By this time, I usually have the visuals in mind. (The cat that was picking his nose was swimming around in my brain for a while already though 😛 ) If you have suggestions for other posters or messages, please let me know!

After a request for translation, I uploaded the blank versions of the poster. They are free to use and translate to any language. Please let me know though, I would like to add them to the collection below.

When I saw the first translated poster, I cried (it’s ok Astri, it’s because I was so happy). It’s so beautiful to see how everyone wants to help each other during these times and I love to collaborate with all of you to share correct information in your own countries.


Indonesian: Astri Kusumawardhani (@hadiastri_k) and Mikhael D. Manurung (@mikhaeldito313)

Italian: Francesca Arici @fraarici

French: Paul-Enguerrand Fady @FadyPEC

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